Refresh your mind

Healthy, honest and handcrafted, this is coffee, but not as you know it. Enjoy a genuine coffee taste with low acidity.
You’re in for a natural power boost at any time of the day, whenever you need to refresh your mind.

Cold brew coffee

Light roasted coffee beans, slow-steeped in cold water for 15 hours, our first batch of cold brew coffee is made from 100% arabica beans from Huila – Colombia.
Our innovative cold brew process crafts a natural energy drink with a smooth taste, no sugar and low acidity. We’ve got your taste-buds and stomach covered.

Why °Coldfever?

Ethically sourced

100% arabica coffee sourced with respect for the farmers and mother nature.

Roasted to perfection

Light roasting ensures more natural flavor, less burned after taste.

Brewed with patience

70% less acidic than hot-brewed coffee, better for the stomach


It is filtered twice for less bitterness and smoother taste.